The Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour: Day 3

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Hey, it's Matt again. And it's day 3 of the Tower of Parlen Virtual Book Tour, yes it is. So right now, we (Dani Mexen, The Red Plus and this Matt Xell thing) are in the studio right now getting ready to shoot the first four episodes of the Video Chapter Commetaries. We're psyched!

And I'm happy most of all that you took the time to comeback here today and join us for more of the tour, so let's see what we have for you today, yeah?

1.  Review: Burning.X.Impossibly.X.Bright -

2.  Giveaway: Burning.X.Impossibly.X.Bright -

3.  MXL Guest Post: Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant -

And here's we've been so far:

2. Review and Giveaway: Baffling, Bonkers and Brilliant -

4.  Review and Giveaway: Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy -

And that's pretty much it for the day. Please check back here tomorrow for more.

Cheers and thanks,

Matt, I am 

P.S What do you guys think of the ending to Harry Potter Movies? Yay or Meh?