Everlon: A Brief Introduction Part 6

Posted: Monday, July 25, 2011 by Matt Xell in

The sky continent of Scandinavia:

Not much is known of the mystical people of Scandinavia. It is believed that they are descended from the survivors of the Olympians; a massive congregation of High-Spirited people that resided in Atlantis, who rebelled against Elohim and foolishly went to war with Him, building the Tower of Babel; a colossal technological device designed to open a portal to Havenol itself: the realm and Kingdom of God. Elohim himself reached out of the heavens and destroyed this tower before its completion and most of the Olympian race. It is said that He put the surviving Olympians on land he tore from the moon; the Scandinavian continent, and bound them to it to separate them from the greater human race. Elohim instated his Regent Angels to control and restrict human destiny after this, and though this rule was later lifted after Jesu came to Everlon, the Scandinavians were not allowed to rule themselves.

The Scandinavians are still the most powerful race on Everlon with far reaching advancements in technology. The Scandinavians are not permitted to set foot on the rest of Everlon without the permission of the High-Master of Orem. At the quarter of every century they are allowed to come down in numbers and stay amongst other humans for a few months though they are watched closely by the angels and are not allowed to exchange knowledge, culture and technology without the consent of the High-Master and the
Church’s government.