The Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour: Day 4

Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Hey y'all. Welcome to a late installment (Gome Na Mina) of Day 4 of the Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour. This Matt Xell, Dani Mexen and The Red Plus are pretty much grounded at the studio shooting the video chapter commentaries and tempers are high because everything is in super slow Zambian gear ( my crappy version of bullet-time). But let me get out of your way and let you see what we have for you today:

1.  Review: Sift Reviews

2.  Review: CubicleBlindness

3. Interview: Baffling, Bonkers and Brilliant -

4. Guest post: Coma Calm's Corner

And here's where we've been so far:

3.  MXL Guest Post: Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant -

5. Review and Giveaway: Baffling, Bonkers and Brilliant -

7.  Review and Giveaway: Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy -

Cheers and thanks again for joining us,

Matt itself

P.S  - What do you guys think of the new Spider-Man movie trailer? Can you stomach Andrew Garfield the way you did Toby Maguire?