Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Posted: Friday, November 11, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Hi'ya everyone!

Today this Matt Xell would just like to take the time to thank everyone that helped me out and supported me during the seemingly ambitious Tower of Parlen Virtual Book Tour that ran from July 24th to October 31st  and was an absolute blast!

First to my heroes the book bloggers and reviewers that were super kind and supportive of a virtually unknown author, and took it of their precious time to patiently read a lengthy 345 pages of a book they don't usually read (and a very unusual one at that) filled with cringing typos and grammar mistakes, and (for the love of God, what's wrong with this guy) is not written in the First Person Perspective that's all so cool and trendy these days and just makes a lot of sense. So !!!SUPER THANKS!!! and !!!BIG UP!!! to Vickie for Coma Calm's Corner, Shanna from A Book Vacation, Precious from Fragments of Life, Rebecca from Everything To Do With Books, Ashlin from Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant Books, Ambur from Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright, Zakiya from Butterfly Feet Walking on Books, Krista from Cubicle Blindness, Michelle from Book Briefs, Gina from The Bucket List, Lauren from Books From a Shelf, Erica from Booked In Chico, Lydia from Gardening Literature, Sabrina, Suzanne and Akansha from Cup of Tea Reviews, Dana from Dana Does ReadBenji from The Non Reluctant Reader, Kristin from Better Read Than Dead, Destiny from Green Lilipads, Sarah from Book Saur's Reviews, Amy Jones; the author of The Soul Quest Trilogy, Michelle and Marissa from Novels on the RunJessica from Hoplessly Devoted BibliophileSharli from Entre Libros, Olivia from Magical Books, Leah from The Kings and Queens of YA, Steph from Short & Sweet, Katie from Mon Palais, Rabiah from Confessions of a ReadaholicNevey Berry from Le Vanity Victorienne, Joselin from Ryning Books, Reut from Reutreads, Trisha from YA Bound, Rida from Raindrop Reflections, Kimberly from Read Now Sleep Later, Donna from Book Lover’s Hideaway, Anya from House Miller, Cassandra from Book & Movie DimensionLulu from Lulu The BookwormLee from From Page One, Mayara from The Brazilian Bookworm, Linda from Most Important Letter, Eliora Vespera from Scholar Berry, Gina from My PreciousVelvet from Vvb32 reads, Lisa from Turning Pages, Heather from Earth's Book NookHiba from WovenStrands and Missy from Missy Reads and Reviews. There wouldn't have been a tour to begin with without the consideration and kindness you guys showed to Ves and there aren't many words that explain the GRATITUDE and LOVE I have for you guys, cheers :)

Second, I'd like to thank everyone that attended the tour's event page on Facebook;  Daniel K, Chilly, Chimwasu, Kerrie, Pace, Zak, Lydia, Kaya, Ken, Charmboy, Joseph, Kristin, Sing'ombe, Larissa, Bay, Aine, Vaezi, Keely, McHotsa, Nathan, Francisca, Sharli, Farai, Zakiya, Mulundu, Stephanie, Celester, Lu-Marie, Selena, Sabrina, Twanga, Mdyela, Chibale, Mufumbi, Mahonga, Destiny, Jade, Michelle, Woven, Dana, Sagar, Gina, Dennis, Mayara, Kachepa, Trisha, Clyde and Vickie. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much guys, I won't forget the support you gave me and I hope to return it whenever I can!!!

Third, I'd like to thank my six !!!UBER-AWESOME!!! (yes, of course that's a word!) best-friends, my master mind group; Samba Yonga my brilliant and lovely editor, Megan Grant the beautiful 'Jane of all trades' behind the current iteration of TPM, Danny Mexen who I had to drag out of the Copperbelt to help me with the Chapter Commentaries, Kafula aka BBD who helped us shoot and direct the videos and trailer, the inspirational Randis Albion whose awe-mazing cover continues to be paramount to the marketing of the book and The Red Plus himself who pretty much organised the whole tour and ran the whole show. You guys have kept me going through this hellish project, focused on the goal at hand and ever passionate about telling Ves' story to the world! There seems to be an infinitely long way to go before the Trials of Golgotha and I hope you guys will be there to see me through it!

So sorry if I left anyone out, if I did it's because I'm immensely stupid and like Ryan, I don't really know what's going on - heh!

Cheers and thanks again people,