The Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour: Day 32

Posted: Monday, October 10, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Hey everyone. Thanks for joining this Matt Xell character for day 32 of the Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour. So here where we're at today:

1. Review: Woven Myst Book Mystique -

2. Interview and Giveaway: All the Days of -

And here's where we've been so far:

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6. Interview: My Precious: Ramblings of a Kindle Addict -

7. Giveaway: My Precious: Ramblings of a Kindle Addict -

8. Interview and Giveaway: Book & Movie Dimension -

9. Review and Giveaway: Most Important Letter -

10. Review:  From Page One -

11. MXL Interview and Giveaway: Brazilian Book Worm -

12. Book Review: Reut Reads -

13. Book Review: The Book Worm is Here! -

14. Book Review and Giveaway: House Millar -

15.Review: Raindrop Reflections - 

16.Review: Ryning Books - 

17.Giveaway: Ryning Books -

18.Review: YA Bound -

19.Review and Giveaway: Confessions of A Readaholic -

21.Review: Steph: Short & Sweet -

22.Giveaway: The Non Reluctant Reader -

23.Review: The Kings and Queens of YA - 

24.Review: Magical Books -

25.Review: Bookedinchico -

26.Review and Giveaway: Entre Libros -

27.Review: Novels On The Run -

28.Review and Giveaway: Amy Jones YA Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy  -

29.Review: Readings of Benji -

30.Review and Giveaway: Better Read Than Dead

31.Review, Giveaway and Interview: Dana does Read -

32.Review: Ink Scratchers -

33.Review and Giveaway: BookSaur's Reviews -

34.Review: Cup of Tea Reviews -

35.Interview and Giveaway: Cup of Tea Reviews

36.Review: Gardening Literature -

37.Review: Books From a Shelf -

38.Guest post and Giveaway: Fragments of Life -

39.Review: The Bucket List -

40.Review and Giveaway: Book Briefs -

41.Review: Rhiannon Paille -

42.Review: Sift Reviews -

43.Review: CubicleBlindness -

44.Interview: Baffling, Bonkers and Brilliant -

45.Guest post: Coma Calm's Corner -

46.Review: Burning.X.Impossibly.X.Bright -

47.Giveaway: Burning.X.Impossibly.X.Bright -

48.MXL Guest Post: Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant -

49.Review and Giveaway: Fragments of Life -

50.Review and Giveaway: Baffling, Bonkers and Brilliant -

51.Review and Giveaway: Everything to do with books -

52.Review and Giveaway: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy -

53.Review and Giveaway: Coma Calms Corner -

Your support, as always, is much appreciated people.

Cheers and thanks