Everlon: A Brief Introduction Part 9

Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by Matt Xell in

The children of Wicca:

Wicca is the pre-Christen religion of nature. The word Wicca itself now refers to the practice the arts of attaining objectives, acquiring knowledge, or performing works of wonder through supernatural means. Techniques used in Wicca typically include chants and spells, gestures or actions that often have a symbolic relation to the desired result and the use of substances believed to have a special relationship with the powers needed to accomplish the intended purpose.

Because Wicca is usually used malevolently and in direct opposition of Christenity, many view it as an art brought into the world by Sathens; the self-proclaimed archangel of Evil. For this reason many men and women suspected of practicing Wicca were burned on stakes during medieval ages. However after the advent of Orem Church, persons suspected of practicing Wicca were arrested and trialed, and those found practicing it malevolently were only jailed indefinitely.

In current times Wicca is openly practiced around the world of Everlon most prominently by the ‘blue-eyed’ High-Spirited people of Etrik and the forest countries in the kingdom of Opus Empra, one of these countries is said have a hidden school that teaches Wicca, far to the west the shadow lands there is a dark race of people who are very strong in their practice of Wiccan warfare...