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Okay, so the facebook event for the TPM virtual book tour is up, soon it'll be up Good reads as well. Now its time to tie up all the loose ends and get ready to blog, post, tweet and talk about the book a whole lot more than I ever have, which is kinda cool espeacially if it brings in some awesome sales.

A few reviewers have asked for my guest posts for their blogs so I have to get that sorted ASAP, and I have to write some more detailed posts to accompany the Video commentaries of the chapters. So here's what I'm looking at so far:

- Matt Xell Bio
- Writing Process
- About Ves
- Introduction to Everlon: the world of  Ves Asirin
- About TPM
- Themes and Setting of TPM
- Character Profiles (including the wolves)
- The Trent familly History
- The Sword Challenge
- The Shadow
- About Zenis
- The Order
- Chapter Commentaries

The Chapter Commentaries seem to be the bulk of most of my posts. I've broken down each chapter by topic,character, theme, element or idea introduced. Here take a look (spoiler alert if you haven't read the book yet, Hommes!):

- Ves Asirin Character Bio
- Ves' Memory
- The concept of Black Chapters

Chapter 1
- Wender Mistry, Miss Twisty, Milly Hempshed
- Everlon, Enger Country, Orem Church, Orem Church Orphanage
- The Good Doctor
- Ves Wins the Draw

Chapter 2
- Ves Scrapbook
- Forshadowing Ves being a Kero'ei
- Enter the Dark Teenage Girl/ Triggering the Ascension
- Meet the Marcoskys

Chapter 3
- The great few (intro to the other 19 children invited)
- Tower of Parlen Min, Beltry's way
- Jacobius Trent
- Lercia Cromweld

Chapter 4
- Glorious Events ( tour of Meden, fencing, woods ball)
- What are the Canids?
- The Asension begins

Chapter 5
- Vikey Trishire Character Bio
- Shadow murders begin
- Kerr Samson is attacked by the wolves

Chapter 6
- Festival at Wendsil (design, events, folk lore etc)
- The dark teenage girl is in Meden
- Fire from the skies ... Jinn Fire
- Tammi ... Ves can hear the wolf whispers too

Chapter 7
- The Sword Challenge
- The Sword of Belsaris ... its not magic, it's very real!
- The cook's death by The Shadow
- The Challenge begins!

Chapter 8
- Ves, Vikey and Jerod's first task
- The knights of Wunder
- Evelynn
- Ves claims the king's bone

Chapter 9
- Ves' is getting reckless
- The race around Mount Enim
- Lonely Cottage is really Haunted
- The scyth of Sama'el

Chapter 10
- supernatural side effects
- Mocto's Dairy
- That's what friends are for
- Ves sees her again ... that Dark Teenage Girl, she disappears before his eyes

Chapter 11
- Ves, Vikey and Jerod's second task
- The king's bone is also Cronos' Bone of Ages
- Helios and Selene

Chapter 12
- The next tasks clue is hidden in a Mystic Square
- The Shadow is seen ...
- The tour of Aletrex Castle
- Old Aletrex is a spectre ... so too are the Shadow?
- Ves can see ghosts too

Chapter 13
- Visiting the folk town of Meden Dale
- There she is again ... that Dark teenage girl, she disappears yet again.
- The wolves attack Ves, Vikey and Tammi's carriage
- Tammi and Ves get 'closer' ... Ves and Vikey 'break up'?

Chapter 14
- Ves solves the mystic square
- Medagalia

Chapter 15
- Ves and Tammi return to Meyr woods
- The Delume tree
- Tabrillin vs the Harvestor of sorrow
- Tammi is a child of Wicca
- the wolves flee from the shadow

Chapter 16
- Ves and Jerod complete their third task
- Ves becomes aware of his Ascension, Tammi explains all
- Vikey discovers Beltry's Vault
- Of the House of Trent
- Matisilda is the Dark Teenage Girl

Chapter 17, 18, 19
- The shadow falls
- The spectres
- Deaths of the great few
- Ves plus Vikey forever

Chapter 20
- The Horseman for Death
- The True origin
- Zenis
- The Order and Mocto's Legacy

Chapter 21
- Seif Du Belsar
- Death of the spectres
- Bei'alumos

Chapter 22
- Lord Sama'el and Lady Aralis
- The last Kero'ei
Black Chapters
- The Ascension
- DS

Hoo, that's a lotta posts, I know, but I have the passion and patience for it. And there's stuff I left out like how I designed each scene, the action scenes and  the suspense scenes. I'll leave most of that good meat for the guest posts, I think and then I'll re-post here too, no?

cheers and thanks for reading :)


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