The MXL Q&A ... Meh - the first of many, anyway

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Yes, sir with the help of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, Let me have it Kakashi - Sensei!

Q1. What are the three major goals you'd like to achieve before you die?

1. Turning Ves Asirin into a billion dollar brand and franchise ( Sakura: BAKA, that's like every wannabe writer's goal after J.K Rowling, atleast tell them something they don't already know )

2. Make enough money to buy both Square Enix and Besthesda (Sasuke: Pointless ...)

3. Nail the 900 three times in day (Naruto: Ano-San, Ano-San -- that's that one skateboarding move isn't it?)

Q2. What are your three major likes?

1. All things Japanese Pop-culture (Sakura: Even that one panty dispenser machine thing -- eww)

2. All things Art

3. All things Information Technology

(Sakura: Baka, that's infinitely more than three major likes!)

Q3. What are your three major dislikes?

1. The state of mainstream music in the 21st Century, I'm sorry people but most of it is rubish, but I guess you'll realise this when you're 60 and won't be caught dead listening to that shit. Take no offense, I'm just sayin' (Sasuke: I agree ...)

2. The current war between Traditonal Publishing and Indie Publishing; pointless and Vain when the internet will do what's its done with every industry and everything else, make all men equal under God. (Sakura: You're just lazy and don't want to work hard enough to get published traditionally?)

3. That I can't trust anyone completely ... (Sasuke: I actually like that)

4. That I didn't make it big in 2010, that was my year, damn it! (Naruto: I know, right?! KUSO!)

5. That I'm only a piece  of the whole that I'm supposed to be ... (Sasuke: You're such a little girl ... grow up already and see the bigger picture, we''ll always be pieces of a whole, its called fate)

(Sakura: Baka, Kakashi-sensei said 'three major dislikes! what's wrong with you?')

Q4. Do you really sound and talk the way you write?

LOL, no ... funny enough, no. When I was a little girl in the 3rd grade, I learned to read and write a little. And after reading a lot of Enid Blyton (Famous Five and Secret Seven, God I miss those books), I decided British people (like most ignorant Zambians) were the smartest in the world and started speaking in a fake british accent to sound much smarter than my friends. In 9th grade, I thought my friend Mike's English-South African acent sounded cooler than me, so I started speaking like him. In 12th grade, after watching Wicker Park, I decided Josh Harnett was cooler than me so I developed a Monotone and Bassy voice to Impress this one girl (I didn't get the girl ... meh -- I was too cool for her anyway). In 2007 after falling into a dating slump and listening to David DeAngelo's Audio Series for way too long and watching Zane Lowe on MTV's Gonzo, I started to sound like the both of them by accident. And so today, I sound like a Canadian Man and a British-Austrialian woman married and moved to Africa and adopted and raised an African child with a PTSD induced monotone. (Sasuke: Teh ... what a little girl)

But all this means is until 2010 I was mess of low-self esteem searching for a voice that would sound unique to me, I still haven't found it (which is why I sometimes refer to myself in the third person and constantly bust my own balls). I lost my real voice that one day in the third grade didn't I ...?

Q5. How about some Ves Asirin Trivia?

Sure why not? Here we go ...

1. I came up with the name Ves Asirin, after hearing about Buenos Aires that one city in Argentina. I loved the way name of the city sounded and decided my next comic book script would have a character with a name that sounded that cool. After writing about what little I remembered about the nighmare that inspired Tower of Parlen Min, I decided this would be the one story with the character with the exotic name. after playing around with various letters in my head, the closest I got to how cool Beunos Aires sounded was 'Ven Asaires', after swapping the letters around and taking some out I settled on Ves Asirin. I know you were wondering so 'Asirin' is pronounced -- say it out loud with me now -- ASA -YI - RIN. (Naruto: A-re ... How do you say that in Japanese?)

2. Its not his real name. Its a title or rather a mantle. It means 'The God-sent'

3. Like Lemony Sniket in 'A series of Unfortunate Events',  Matt Xell is always a character in his stories. In the world of  Everlon, he is a struggling young investigive journalist. He is not the actual narrator of the series but rather like a ghost writer retelling the story of the early years of Orem's young High-Master as heard from various sources and publishing them in an underground news website called the 'XLA Press'. The story of Tower of Parlen Min was retold to him by a young french woman named Paulinette.

4. And like Matt Xell, DS who appears in Tower of Parlen Min's Black Chapters, is a recurring character or rather a plot device used by various characters in stories by Matt Xell, to hide their true identities and ulterior motives from the protagonist. The letters DS mean ...  (Naruto: Hey! That's enough - save some for later, datebayo!!!)

Q6. I like the name 'Xell' how do you pronounce that?

Yeah, I get you. People are always pronounce it as 'Zell' all the time but it in my case the name is pronounced 'EX - EL'. It was originally written 'XL' as in Matt of the eXtreme Legion (what the whole name means) which became the shorter Matt XL or MXL, get it? But when I took on the mantle of 'Author of The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin', I thought Matt XL would look weird on the cover of my books so I extended 'XL' into 'Xell'.

(Sasuke: Teh ... Its sounds way much cooler as Zell)
(Sakura: I agree with Sasuke-Kun :)
(Naruto: I agree with Sakura-chan XD!!!)

Q7. I kinda like your real name too (not) how do you pronounce it?

Oh, man ... somehow I knew that was the only thing that would really catch your attention throughout the entire MXL origin post. It's pronounced Ka - ben - ge - le, sylable for sylable. The 'B' in it is silent, sorta like a half said B without the lips touching. You'll be practicing that for hours won't you ... or bustin my balls about it for a long time to come, won't you - BAKA?.

(Naruto: Bwahahahahaha! You bet! Even better than the Ves Asirin ass jokes ... say it with with me Sasuke 'ASS - airin')

(Sasuke: Leave me out out of  it ...)

(Ves: I've got one ... Q8. who would win in a fight between Ves Asirin and Naruto?)

Heh -- we'll answer that one after book four ... after we've sorted Harry Potter. HAHAHAHAHAHA ... its a joke Harry Potter Fans so don't take it to heart, (okay maybe just a little bit). If you'd like to ask me questions on anything and everything, you can do so by following this here link

Cheers and thanks for readin'!!!