Everlon: A Brief Introduction Part 10

Posted: Saturday, August 6, 2011 by Matt Xell in

About the 5 sentient non-human races:

Other than human beings, there are five other sentient beings that inhabit Everlon. These include the wolves (or Canids) that reside in Serbian Europa, the prime-apes (or Kolus) of Etrik, reptilians( or Dilas) in Bradil and the Hordhogs ( or khumbas) in the Opus Empra’s India. These powerful beings exist as guardians of the four great Jinn; Bei’alumos of the fire, Katu’nga of the wind, Maori of the water and Hendiri of the earth who are angel like spirits with pivotal roles in the structural balance of nature, ecosystems and the climates on Everlon. This structure was set up by Noah after the great flood under the instruction of Elohim himself.