Everlon: A Brief Introduction Part 7

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The Angels:

Angels are celestial beings believed to be messengers or intermediaries between Elohim in Havenol and mankind on Everlon. Angels function as protective guardians, heavenly warriors, and even as an extension and expression of Elohim’s cosmic power creating more of the universe. They were sent to instruct, inform, or command humankind as it grew ever so distant from Elohim most prominently before the great flood and after
the destruction of the tower of Babel.

Angels cannot be seen by ordinary men but Kero’ei or Abraham Children, though some powerful High-Spirited people can hear them.

After the rule of the Regent Angels was lifted, four ministries of Angels were allowed to stay on Everlon, not to rule but to guide and test man of the worthiness of his greater destiny. The angels are listed as follows.

The angels of life:
These angels were given ‘the new book of life’ by Jesu himself and are responsible for passing new souls into the world of the living. These angels are governed by the archangel Ara’lis.

The angels of death:
The most feared angels in all of Everlon. Jesu gave these angels ‘the new book of Death’ and were instructed to take the souls of dying men pass them into angel realm. They are governed by the archangel Sama’el.

The angels of War:
These warrior angels deal with odds. During conflicts between nations they observe and determine which side is likely to win and alley themselves with that side until it ultimates. These are the only angels that can be partially seen, mostly during very destructive wars. These angels are governed by the archangel Espothis.

The angels of disease and suffering:
In Everlon there are just as many diseases and illnesses as there are angels of disease and suffering. Plagues, Epidemics, Pandemics down to the common cold, these are all the works of these angels.

The Grand depression following the end of the 5th Great War in 19th century was the work of the archangel Derium who governs these angels.