Everlon: A Brief Introduction Part 1

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by Matt Xell in

Hey Everyone,

Before the start of the Tower of Parlen Min Virtual Book Tour on Sunday, I thought I'd talk about Everlon for a few posts and introduce you to this fantastic planet..

Everlon is the fictional setting of The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin. It is a 21st century world with  a similar historical and mythic past as our own world; Earth. Everlon’s societies, cultures and technological achievements also seem to resemble that of Earth at a glance, but they are much more different ; in some ways more advanced and in other ways more primitive.

These next few posts will introduce readers of the series to some of the defining elements of Everlon. It will not give a complete and detailed presentation of the world, it will only provide information that is significant to the story of Ves Asirin so far. The information contained here is presented as fiction and should not be misinterpreted in relation to Earth’s world history, societies, cultures and religion. So, here we go ...

The Geography of Everlon:

Everlon has seven main continents: Enger, Europa, The Opus Empra, Esia, Etrik, Bradil
and the sky-continent of Scandinavia. Everlon has many other islands and islets chief among them Atlantis (also known as the United Atlantic States), Martagusta, Austin and the much dreaded Shadow Lands
to furthest east.

Everlon has a much larger moon than Earth’s. During twilight, when the moon comes very close to the world, its gravity causes the tide to rise very high, and as a result some islands sink to depths of the seas and oceans whilst other islands float up to the surface. The island of Atlantis, however, splits in two when the moon descends over it, and on the other hand, the sky-continent of Scandinavia rises even higher towards
the moon, completely leaving the atmosphere of the planet.

The peoples of Everlon have long adapted to these geographical changes and due to technological advancements in the field of ‘aqua-architecture’, people can now live in cities on islands even as they sink to the depths of the ocean as the tides rise.



  1. Matt I am amazed at your creative imagination.